While nearly everyone knows the names of these prominent Russian and American military rifles, not everyone knows these intriguing facts about the weapons and their designers.

If you think rednecks are only in America, check this out…



Russians use a number of hand gestures most Americans aren’t familiar with. Here are three of the most popular:


In general, Russians are more superstitious than Americans. Many of these superstitions are ones we share in common, such as the peril of a black cat crossing your path. Others are unique to Russia, such as: 

It’s more common for Russians to use dogs for personal or property protection than it is in the USA. Most Russian dogs are not spayed or neutered and, as a consequence, may be more aggressive.


Keep this in mind before you approach or pet a strange dog. Never do so without the owner’s permission. Otherwise, you may very well get bitten.

Tipping is always welcomed but not as expected in Russian restaurants as it is in America. The downside is, at times, the service reflects this, as Russian waiters do not depend on tips to the same degree as their counterparts in the USA.


Taxi service in Russia is very reminiscent of the Wild West in the USA. While taxi service is available in most Russian cities, the odds of finding a taxi that operates legally are not good.


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